【 Reports 】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Osawa district, Yamada bay, Yamada, Iwate prefecture

Current situation of Yamada bay 5/13/2011


This is the view of Yamada bay from Sanriku Yamada fishery cooperative branch building. 

The bay seems gentle as if the disaster that happened two months ago was a lie.  A few oyster rafts left are floating.  Underneath the rafts, ropes are tangled with debris.  Therefore, those rafts cannot be used until ropes are untangled. 

Fishermen are cleaning debris with respective fishery cooperative.  Although two months have passed, this scenery indicates that full reconstruction is still far away.

With fishery cooperative youth group members 5/16/2011


I met Osawa fishery cooperative youth group members, Mr. Abe, Mr. Fukushi, and Mr. Nakamura (From the right).  They told me the current situation of Yamada bay and so forth.

I explained the project, and asked materials needed.

Meeting with oyster producers 5/28/2011

miyako20110607I had a meeting with a chief of fishery cooperative and other producers.  Although they have to talk with their headquarters, they were really joyful to receive support from the project.


The picture below is Osawa fishery cooperative building.  You can tell from the broken windows and walls that the tsunami reached the second floor of this building. 

For oyster producers, this is an important building because this is the only one they think can be usable.

Progress toward support 6/7/2011


I had a meeting with leaders and a management chair person at Osawa district.  We investigated what we need to start hanging oysters.  We are progressing toward a solid support plan little by little.


The picture is of an oyster producer, Mr. Yutaka Abe, who takes leadership among local oyster producers and mediates between the project and them. 


We decided to provide anchor blocks 6/22/2011




I had a meeting with producers in Osawa district regarding the project.  There were originally 1600 oyster rafts.  They are estimating that there will be about 1000 oyster rafts in the future.  For this year, they hope to prepare 500 oyster rafts.


I decided to provide anchor blocks that are used to hold oyster rafts, which is the first thing they need.




An anchor block is a concrete block that weighs 2 tons and is literally used as an anchor. 


Their goal is to get 1000 anchor blocks that would hold 500 oyster rafts.  As you guessed, I am hoping to provide all anchor blocks they need.


With ready-mixed concrete dealers 6/27/2011




Producers in Yamada bay and  I visited ready-mixed concrete dealers in Miyako, a city next to Yamada.  It was decided that they are going to lend us 300 anchor blocks for now.  However, we need 700 more.  Later, we visited a ready-mixed concrete shop.  I truly appreciate how this shop was understanding and supportive of reconstruction efforts after the earthquake.  Due to it being physically impossible to make a lot in a short period, so we also visited another company.


There, we explained the gist of the project and reasons that we are in need anchor blocks.  We asked them to make anchor blocks, which they willingly agreed.  I am appreciative of all our local companies for their support of this project, although they themselves have been affected by the tsunami. 

Currently, we are looking for ironworks which we can use to make molds of anchor blocks.