【 Reports 】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Miyako Iwate Prefecture

Fishery Cooperative building on the hill is safe 5/16/ 2011


All fishery cooperative buildings in the coastal areas have been affected by the tsunami, but Miyako's fishery cooperative building was not damaged at all.  Thank goodness!

Although Miyako has not decided where to start formal oyster culture, they decided to start from oyster culture using longlines.  They are going to purchase longlines, from Mangoku’ura next week.

Because some areas in Miyako have little damage, their reconstruction might happen quickly.

Receiving energy from producers  5/28/ 2011


Although his house was swept away by the tsunami, Mr. Asukata leads an oyster association and its 20 members.

He says, "This is the fourth time my house was swept away.  Miyako has been affected not only by Sanriku tsunami, but also by Hokkaido earthquake.  So, I got used to it.  I just need to start from the beginning. "
He is a very strong person.  Instead of supporting him, I felt encouraged by him. 

              In addition to the support suggested previously, we talked about materials needed by other areas.

At Fisheries High School / 06/07/2011

miyako20110607We had a meeting at Fisheries High School and talked about the support they need.  Currently, they are investigating the sea area with Sonar.  They are going to begin putting oyster seeds into scallop shells next week. 

              I have to take my hat off to Mr. Asukata because he keeps his motivation high, even though he lost his ship and lives in temporary housing.