【 Reports 】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Oshika peninsula (Hamaguri Hama, Orinohama),
Eastern Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture

Restarting oyster aquaculture once they gave up 6/23/2011


On the 27th, 24mm ropes used in oyster aquaculture are going to arrive here in Hamaguri Hama and Orino Hama. 
This area in Oshika peninsula once completely gave up on oyster aquaculture, but they finally found potential to restart oyster aquaculture. 
I truly appreciate the support of oyster owners in this reconstruction project!

Also, Inaba Sieko, a rope manufacturer in Aichi prefecture, made tremendous effort to get ropes ready.  I would like to thank Inaba Sieko.