【 Reports 】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Hirota Bay, Rikuzen Takata, Iwate Prefecture

We, young people, have to stand up 4/6/2011


This is Mr. Atsushi Fujita (left) and Mr. Hironori Yamada (right), standing on the hill that overlooks sea and the city.  The city behind them used to be residential area, which had many houses.  They lost oyster culture facilities.  Mr. Yamada lost his parents.  Amidst this situation, they are still trying to stand up.

Mr. Fujita asked, "Can we leave it like this?  If we, young people, don't stand up, who would?  It doesn't help regretting how awful the tsunami was."

It has been one month since the tsunami; as a small first step, they are going to Hokkaido to buy used ships.

The situation of the affected area 5/10/2011


This is the picture taken from the place overlooking Otomo District.

On March 11th, the mountain over there and the city in front were soaked in the tsunami, and that mountain became like an island.  The right side of the picture is Hirota Bay, and the left is Pacific Ocean.  I heard that the tsunami came from both sides.
The city was completely destroyed in a moment.
I express my deepest condolence to the victims.

On the same day, I had a meeting with a representative director and a union president who lead three fishery cooperative branches in Hirota Bay.   I explained the significance of the project and heart of oyster fans.  They said they are willing to receive .  They want to talk more after discussing what kind of support everyone needs to purchase stuff.

Ships arrived 6/4/2011


Three used Japanese-style ships, which were purchased from Matsumae-Cho, Hokkaido, arrived. 

Those ships will be under Mr. Yamada's and two others' ownership, but these will be used by a group of people for fishery cooperative's sake.  There, not only ships, but also ship motors are lacking. 
They just started bringing in oyster seeds from Miyagi Prefecture.

The oyster seeds provided to this area are not from this project.  Fishery cooperative's branches are working together to push reconstruction by themselves.  They are going to prepare ropes to begin putting oysters into scallop shells next week. 

Simultaneously, they are making rafts.

Visiting Yonesaaki district 6/10/2011


This picture is of fishermen in Yonesaki District, Hirota Bay. 

I explained the purpose of the project and asked what kind of support they need.

Everyone is cleaning debris as they slowly prepare for restarting full oyster culture.  Those fishermen are just amazing for standing up for reconstruction and not being defeated by the disaster.

Regarding taking measurements of diving equipment 6/13/2011


I ordered diving dry suits, which were requested from producers in Hirota Bay.


I am heading to Hirota Bay to discuss that and to receive jigs.  Mr. Kumagai came all the way from Kesen'numa, Miyagi Prefecture to Hirota Bay to meet me, and I gave him jigs. 

For the time being, we are waiting for the measurements. 

Making rafts toward reconstruction 6/14/2011


In Hirota Bay, Otomo District, people are making oyster rafts.  Although there is currently no usable raft in this bay, they are thinking of making about 220 rafts this year.


(Picture: To the left, Mr. Sasaki.  To the right, Mr. Fujita)