【 Reports 】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Oshika (Sudachi/Fukkiura area), Eastern Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture

Current situation of Fukkiura 4/29/2011


The picture (middle) is Mr. Yoshiaki Abe, who engages in oyster aquaculture in Fukkikou, Ishinomaki.  On that day, he had an interview with Kodansha.  I am really grateful to the fact that those articles featured affected areas and people can spread their current situations to all over Japan.

In Fukkiura, residential area is mostly destroyed, and electricity recovered just recently,  on the 29th, People there have been forced to live a primitive life, for example, they had to pump water up from mountain stream.    
Also, this area is severely affected by land subsidence, though it is everywhere at coastal areas.  At high tide, a wharf at the port is completely submerged.  The coastline completely changed.  Because ports cannot be used for a while, their reconstruction would take a long time.

Yet, when I met Mr. Abe's son the other day, he told me, "I'm not sure how many years it has to take, but I talked with my dad to reconstruct this area no matter what." 

They aspire to reconstruct oyster aquaculture in Oshika peninsula where half of fishermen left their job.

To save mother shellfish in Oshika 6/3/2011


I visited affiliated producer, Mr. Abe, in Fukkiura.
Because it is vital to raise mother selfish (two-year oyster) in Oshika, I talked with a chair of the management the other day. 

In Oshika peninsula where small ports, such as Fukkikou, are clustered, they are going to use ports that had little damage to begin oyster aquaculture.  Leaders in many areas are essential.

Oyster seeds to be mother shellfish 6/9/2011

oshika20110609These are very important oyster seeds that are going to become mother shellfish.  These mother shellfish will produce oyster seeds later.
The project purchased 3000 sets of them. 

Essentially, this has a great historical meaning, but I will explain this later.
In any case, supports from oyster owners definitely saving the world treasure, Sanriku oysters.

Thank you so much!!

At Sudachi 6/11/2011


I visited Sudachi, Oshika peninsula, to confirm the number of oyster seeds and to interview fishermen. 
This time, it was decided that the project will purchase oyster seeds, so I greeted oyster producers there. 
I was thanked by about 20 oyster producers who were putting oyster seeds in scallop shells in Eastern Ishinomaki. 

  As I was thanked in place of oyster owners, I encouraged oyster producers saying, "People across Japan support Sanriku reconstruction." 
I heard that a volunteering tour organized by Kinki Nippon Tourist will come to this coast later. 

Thank you so much for many kinds of supports.

Additional oyster seeds of mother shellfish purchased 6/21/2011


On the 20th, I met up with Mr. Utsumi, who is an oyster producer delivering oyster seeds to Sutachi, Oshika peninsula.  This is the second time he delivered oyster seeds.  Originally, there would have been 3500 sets of oysters, but some fell due to the typhoon the other day.  So, he had 2200 sets of oyster seeds today.  These oyster seeds were, of course, purchased by the project.

Tomorrow, on the 21st, we are going to ship another 3000 sets of oyster seeds purchased from Mr. Suenaga, an oyster producer to Oshika peninsula.  

Thanks to oyster owners, we can work on support for Oshika peninsula, which makes two-year oysters that are important for raising seeds.

Oshika peninsula is a two-year oyster producing area.  A two-year oyster is a mother shellfish that produces oyster seeds.  All of your precious support for this project becomes support for oyster aquaculture in Oshika peninsula, and, eventually, produces mother shellfish that are crucial for making oyster seeds.
This is a tremendous thing because most of oyster seeds used by Oshika peninsula this year were purchased by this project! 

My dearest oyster owners! Thank you so much!!

Ropes arrived 6/28/2011


On the 28th, 85 sets of ropes arrived from Mr. Tsuboe, a rope manufacturer living in Miyagi prefecture.  These ropes will be used in Eastern Ishinomaki like here in Sudachi, Fukkiura, and Oshika peninsula.  The project bought all of them.  This means progress foe oyster aquaculture in Oshika Peninsula . 
Many oyster producing areas are still lacking those ropes. 

Although we are contacting many other rope manufacturers, their general responses are "The earliest we can deliver is next year" or "We do not have any in stock." 

Due to the disaster, ropes are needed everywhere, and I feel as if we are in a competition to get them. 

However, all fishermen are going through the same tough situation.  All I can do is to keep looking for ropes.