【Project】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Reconstruction Support “Oyster Owner” Plan

Project Overview

Current situation of Sanriku oyster producing areas and challenges toward reconstruction

More than 20,000 people were victimized by the earthquake, and majority of oyster rafts, work facilities, and oysters in oyster culture beds were swept away.

Because Miyagi prefecture is the biggest seed oyster provider in Japan, oyster producers around the country have been affected.

Moreover, not only oyster producers lost oyster rafts and longlines, but also their ships, work facilities, septic tanks, and houses were swept away by the tsunami.  Therefore, there are a lot of challenges ahead of us before we fully begin oyster aquaculture reconstruction.

Why do I initiate this project?

Our company began online-shopping, “Seafood direct delivery Umai ! Kakiya,” in 2002. By 2007, we had expanded the business and included more producers. Currently, we work with more than 30 oyster producing areas and became Japan’s largest oyster online shopping site.

The very reason I have been promoting online oyster shopping is that I wanted to make customers who love oysters be delighted, and, simultaneously, give pleasure to oyster producers.

Due to the fact that Sanriku coastal areas have been severely damaged, oyster lovers might be in great disappointment. Also, of course, oyster producers are placed in an extremely tough situation.
Taking advantage of our nation-wide connections with other oyster producers, we hope to help reconstruct Sanriku oysters, while getting support from producers outside Sanriku area.

Goals of the owner program

  1. To assist Sanriku oyster producers to gain their lives before the earthquake
  2. To create environment in which oyster lovers can enjoy delicious Sanriku oysters anytime they want
  3. To have stable seed oyster supply from Miyagi prefecture to producers across the nation so that they can make their own delicious oysters

Effects of the project

With 10,000 owners, we can create a path of shipping Sanriku oysters
With 100,000 owners, we can save some oyster producers
With 1,000,000 owners, we can actualize oyster aquaculture reconstruction

Overview of the Reconstructed Oyster Owner Program

By asking all oyster lovers to“buy reconstructed oysters beforehand,” we aim to support producers and restart shipment of Sanriku oysters as soon as possible.

Price One share: 10,000yen
(Tax and shipping fee included)
Things you receive When registered Owner certificate (or owner gift card)
During the project Owners receive most updated information about the project's progress through emailing list
After reconstruction Reconstruction oyster (one share=approx. 20 oysters) [only once per share]
・After reconstruction, we give a phone call and confirm shipment date and time                                                                
・We can deliver to other address from the one registered (parent's home, friend's house as a gift, etc.).
・You cannot specify delivery date when you registered as an owner.
・You cannot choose specific producing area's oyster
・We deliver only once per share.
We do domestic delivery only.
The number of share Minimum 1 share, no maximum

It could take more than 5 years to reconstruct. In general, it takes 2 to 3 years for Sanriku oysters to grow. We cannot promise as to when we can provide oysters again because it depends on the recovery situation of bay and how quick producers can get permission of oyster aquaculture.
Other information such as day-to-day situation of the areas can be obtained through this website.

※This project is not a fund in which we correct monetary investment from customers, and invest and share profit.

The use of proceeds

Some proceeds (70%) go to producers to prepare materials, equipment support, purchasing oysters. (30% of the proceeds is used for shipping fee, communications expenses, interview fee, etc.)

Expenses for producers (70%) Other expenses (30%)
To support To purchase oysters ・Other expenses
(interview fee, business fee, printing fee)
・Communications expenses
(postage, phone call fee, etc.),
・Credit payment fee, reconstruction oyster shipping fee
・Ships,-Equipment (Oyster sorting facilities, septic tanks)
・Aquaculture materials (timbers, ropes, baskets, etc.)
・seed oysters, spats, and other miscellaneous stuff
Purchase reconstruction oysters

We will update and show all expenses and contents used to support the project.


Project state of progress