【Company overview】Oyster business reconstruction project from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Company overview

Company overview

iLINK, inc.
8F,Greenwood Bldg.
2-7-12 Ichibancho Aoba-ku Sendai Miyagi JAPAN
Phone: 81-22-726-5640  Fax: 81-3-5204-8978
Email: info@sanriku-oysters.com

CEO’s message

Sanriku coastal area has been affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened on March 11th, 2011. Sanriku coastal area has several of Japan’s greatest oyster production areas. However, those areas have been severely damaged as a result of the devastating earthquake, and oyster producers are facing great obstacles. I came up with the Oyster Owner Program so that oyster producers affected by the earthquake can recover their ordinary lives as soon as possible and produce oysters like before. Please support this project. I would truly appreciate your generous support.

iLink, Inc. CEO Hiroaki Saito
Japan Oyster Association Grand Oyster Meister
Umai! Kakiya : direct quick seafood delivery Shop owner

Project state of progress